Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog, where I’ll be writing about my open source development.

This is just a short announcement post, to introduce this blog.

If you don’t already know who I am, I am Erik “kusma” Faye-Lund, a Norwegian graphics programmer.

I’m currently working on the following projects, which I expect to be posting about:

  • Fuselibs: This is the core UI engine in Fuse, where I currently work.
  • Rocket: This is a tool for tweaking synchronization of audio and visuals in demoscene productions.
  • Grate: This is a reverse-engineered GPU driver for the GeForce ULP in the NVIDIA Tegra 2/3/4 SoCs (code-name: AR20 / Aurora).
  • Mesa 3D: This is what Grate is being built on top, and the goal of Grate is ultimately to upstream a driver into Mesa.

In addition to this, there’s some cool new announcements coming up very soon! So stay tuned!