Erik “kusma” Faye-Lund

Erik “kusma” Faye-Lund

About me

I’m a graphics programmer, specializing in low-level OpenGL / DirectX, and other GPU-related development.

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Latest blog post:

Zink brings conformant OpenGL on Imagination GPUs

Today, Imagination Technologies announced some very exciting news: they are now using Zink for full OpenGL 4.6 support! Collabora had the pleasure of working together with engineers from Imagination to make this a reality, and it’s very rewarding to now be able show the results to the world!

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If you need to reach me, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at, Mastodon at, or Matrix at I can also usually be found on IRC as “kusma”, hanging around in #tegra on LiberaChat, #dri-devel on OFTC.