About me


I’m a graphics programmer, specializing in low-level OpenGL / DirectX, and other GPU-related development.


I currently work at Collabora, as a Principal Engineer in the graphics team. Most of my work currently evolve around Mesa.

Previously, I worked at Fusetools, leading the development of the compiler for the Uno-language (a dialect of C#), as well as fuselibs, which is the core of the UI engine.

I’ve also previously worked at Hue AS (now Bluware), building big-scale data visualization software for the Oil and Gas industry.

Before that, I was one of the first employees at Falanx Microsystems (later aquired by ARM), where I worked on the ARM Mali line of GPUs, with an emphasis on the OpenGL ES drivers.

You can read more about my professional career on my LinkedIn profile.


I’m also actively contributing to Demoscene productions, in particular under the label Excess. The other currently active half of Excess is Bent “gloom” Stamnes.

I’ve made a lot of demos, and some other notable labels I’ve released under are:

The videos on the top of the home-page showcase some of these demos.

I’ve also been involved in organizational work in the demoscene, for instance:

You can find the source code of most of my works on GitHub. Here’s some highlighted projects, though: